If This INSANE Triple-Decker Plane Is The Future Of Air Travel, Then I Can’t Wait For The Future


Oscar Viñals

Flying is a pain in the ass: The seats are incredibly cramped and small, you have to nickel and dime for everything from a bag of chips to TV (except you, Jet Blue… You cool now that you unblocked our website from Mifi), and airports are an experience that can generally cause blood pressure to sky rocket. I’m not sure The Wright Brothers knew how big of a clusterfuck the miracle of air travel would be when they jumped off a sand dune in Kitty Hawk. We do it only because the ability to go anywhere in the world in 24-hours or less is one of the most incredible technological feats in human history.

A designer by the name of Oscar Viñals is working on what he sees as the future of air travel. It’s far from hitting the production lines at Airbus or Boeing, but it still manages to capture the imagination at just how sexy flying could be in the future. It’s a tripe-decker plane that’s powered by six hydrogen fuel engines, along with solar panels and “real electric wind generators for sustained flight” as Business Insider puts it. It seats 800 people, which means you might actually get some damn leg room if the airline under-books your flight. Hopefully they build a full-service bar into it, along with some of those comfy bed-seats your see advertised for first class Air Emirates flights.

This isn’t going to happen for a long, long time, but DAMN this steel bird is sexy. If this AND the male birth control pill pan out, the future is going to be awesome.

Now where’s my damn hover board?

Pics via Business Insider and Design Boom:







The earliest the technology could be here for it is 2030, according to the designer, so don’t get too hopeful, Bros. Something tells me a bag peanuts are going to cost more than $5 of such a plane.