The Future Is NOW: Device Enables You To Breathe Underwater Without A Tank Like A Goddamn Super Spy

I’m not talking about bulky scuba tanks or clunky rebreathers here, the Triton Underwater Gills is a device that’s so small you’d expect to see it in a James Bond movie AND it promises to let you breathe underwater for up to 45 minutes.

Not only is it small enough to fit in your pocket and enables to you breathe underwater without SCUBA tanks it’s also extremely affordable (relatively speaking), with a price tag of just $299 the Triton Underwater Grills might be the biggest game changer in diving since the very first SCUBA tank was invented.

Here’s the Triton Underwater Gills in action:

Here’s the skinny from the Triton Underwater Gills IndieGoGo campaign:

With Triton there’s no heavy equipment, complicated safety procedures or training. It’s easy to use, and no longer than a snorkel. Gently bite into the mouthpiece, breathe normally, and enjoy a sense of underwater freedom unavailable until now. Just imagine exploring gin-clear waters, alongside tropical fish, without bulky equipment or having to surface for air.
A fully-charged battery enables to 45 minutes of underwater pleasure. And with a maximum depth 15 feet, you’ll swim among marine life, rather than merely looking down on it. Triton empowers you with the ability to see and feel the vivid, sub-aquatic world close up.

I’m hooked, I’m so fucking hooked. And usually I’m staunchly against IndieGoGo campaigns because I’m all about instant gratification, however this is a product that I’m so fucking stoked for I’m getting on board today (even though they’ve already raised over $560,000 or 1,126% of the initial $50,000 goal).

There’s a month left in this campaign, so if like me you want to purchase the Triton Underwater Gills at a price of $299 instead of the $2,999 that it’ll likely sell for once it hits the free market, well you should probably consider clicking the link on over to the IndieGoGo campaign (or check them out on Facebook).

P.s., if any of you bros have recommendations on a good mask + speargun combo I’m in the market for both of them right now so hit me up in the comments down below. I’ve got my eye on a few but I’m curious what you guys think are the ‘best buys’ these days.

UPDATE: Some people are skeptical that the Triton can deliver on what it says it can, you be the judge.

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