These Three Trucker Hats Are So Good You Won’t Even Need Pickup Lines When Talking To Ladies

Gone are the days of needing broke ass pickup lines to break the ice when talking to strangers. The future is now, and in the future you let your gear do all the talking for you. These three trucker hats are only to be worn by men who know how to party. If you’re not looking to party then you really don’t deserve to be wearing these because these trucker hats are going to open doors for you that you never even imagined might exist. Did I mention these hats range from only $7.16 to $12.95, so you can actually afford to wear all three and have one for every day of the weekend (in this instance I’m including Thursday night as part of the weekend, not Sunday). Each of these trucker hats also comes in a wide variety of colors and color combinations, so if you aren’t necessarily feeling the color of the hats in the thumbnails below just click through to see all of the options over on Amazon. Now, let’s check ’em out:

‘Black Out With Your Rack Out’ Trucker Hat: $12.95

BUY IT NOW: $12.95


‘I Pee In Pools’ Trucker Hat: $9.99

BUY IT NOW: 9.99


‘Jam Out With Your Clam Out’ Trucker Hat: $7.16

Purchase Today: $7.16

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