Learn Everything There Is To Ever Know About Mixology And Booze With This ‘Master Mixologist Bundle’

If you’re like me then you owe it to yourself to learn everything there is to know about booze, and that includes the art of mixology, wine making, beer brewing, and the proper pairing of spirits with food. Thankfully for us this ‘Master Mixology Bundle‘ exists to teach us everything we’d ever need to know about booze AND THEN SOME. Let’s check out what you’ll be getting in this bundle (that will only set you back $29)

Start Making Home Brew & Free Yourself From The Corner Liquor Store

— Watch full brewing demonstrations that outline the entire brewing process
— Discover basics of brewing sanitation, equipment & ingredients
— Learn partial mash brewing; the process behind IPAs
— Learn all grain brewing; the process behind Imperial Stouts
— Study at your own pace & fully understand each module
— Apply your skills at home!

Bartending & Drink Mixologist Master Course

— View visual demonstrations of actual classroom training & mixing techniques
— Learn to make the most popular cocktails, including martinis, Long Islands, Sours, & many more
— Broaden your knowledge of muddlers, tropical drinks, shooters, shots & beers
— Explore the skills needed to organize & run a bar, including spotting counterfeit money & IDs
— Understand the differences between wines & how they are best served
— Drink your lessons!

Wine Making 101 — Embrace Your Inner Dionysus & Become the Neighborhood God of Wine in 15 Lessons

— Learn the tools, equipment, chemicals, supplies & ingredients that go into different types of wine
— Make the dry Italian wine, Amarone, apple wines, & Merlot-style wine from watermelon
— Discover the best wine making kit for you
— Understand how to clean & maintain your equipment
— Practice degassing, bottling & racking wine
— Learn how to use hydrometers
— Discover the principles behind blending wine

Wine Pairing & Tasting — Take These 8 Classes & You’ll Never Wonder Which Bottle to Open For Dinner Again

— Delve into the types of white & red wines & how to pair them with foods
— Recognize the different types of wine from regions across Europe, North America, South America, — — Australia, & New Zealand
— Learn to use sight, taste & smell to determine different flavors of a wine
— Understand how temperature, glassware & storage may affect a wine
— Learn how the wine rating system functions

Alright bros, if you want to gain all the knowledge of the booze world just follow the link below and scoop up this bundle today for only $29!

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