10 Funky And Unique Everyday Carry Essentials

unique everyday carry essentials

A lot of gear in the everyday carry world looks pretty similar. This is easily explained because so many of the everyday carry essentials out there were designed to fit similar needs. But I wanted to throw together some of my favorite everyday carry essentials today that are a bit funky, unique, and are injected with more color than you might be used to see. You can purchase any of these everyday carry items by following the links throughout the article and pick your favorites or shop the full collection.

First up today is the Seiko Prospex “Arnie” Watch ($525) which is a modern reissue of the Seiko 1982 Hybrid Diver’s Watch. This was Arnold Schwarzenegger’s signature watch in 80’s movies and this Special PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) edition is water-resistant to 200 meters (660 feet), following ISO standards and is suitable for scuba diving. It also has a 6-month power reserve in addition to charging via solar tech so it juices up while you wear it. This truly is a world-class watch.

The Lems Shoes ‘Trailhead’ Sneaker ($130) come in six colorways for you to choose from. They feature a cushioned EVA midsole that offers the perfect amount of support and cushion. The retro-inspired upper looks awesome from every angle and these lightweight shoes can be worn all day. These are ideal for pounding the trails, traveling, or everyday wear. What’s wild about these are they’re fully packable and can be rolled up and tucked in a bag to save space.

unique everyday carry essentials

When I first saw the Rhythm Studio Blanket Chore Coat ($120) I thought for sure it had to cost an arm and a leg but this price point is incredible. This transitional weather jacket features a heritage Aztec blanket pattern in desert-inspired colors and a short-pile sherpa collar.

You can pair that jacket with the stylish Flint and Tinder 365 Corduroy Pants ($98). You gotta love cords. The texture is so much better than straight chinos at times. These pants come in four colors and Slim or Straight fit and featured a 2% added spandex for the perfect amount of stretch.

The Pike Pocket Knife in Rosewood Brass ($120) is a super limited-edition pocket knife from The James Brand that I needed you gentlemen to know about before it’s gone. Only 300 of the Rosewood Brass model were made and they’ll be gone in no time. This is a modern take on the vintage folding knife design that’s clean and simple but highly functional.

unique everyday carry essentials

With the Seager Fishin’ Club Snapback ($30) you’ll be able to keep your dome covered up all day in style. this is a medium-profile ball cap design that’s made from a rugged hemp blend that breaks in like a glove.

Next up is the Tactica M.020 Camping Tool Card ($35) which is an incredibly awesome and useful multi-tool you can tuck right into your wallet. On this compact credit card-sized tool you’ll get a Ferro rod fire starter, flat screwdriver, rope cutter, can opener, rope tensioner, tent leg puller, scraper, mini saw, and even a sundial! This is one of those super useful multi-tools that’s great to have on hand in a pinch but it’s perfect for camping.

Here we’ve got the OrbitKey Cactus Leather Key Organizer ($40) which holds between 2 to 7 keys and is there to help you save pocket space in ways you didn’t think was possible. I was first turned onto OrbitKey a few years ago and have been a fan ever since. This is actually made from cactus fiber that perfectly mimics leather and lasts for longer.

unique everyday carry essentials

We round it out today with the Secrid ‘Cardprotector’ Slim Wallet ($34) which holds 4 to 6 cards and is the winner of prestigious Red Dot Design Award. This RFID-blocking card protector keeps your cards safe. What makes this particularly unique is the spring-loaded push mechanism for easy access.

Last up is the reinforced Sandqvist Erland Lightweight 12L Ziptop Backpack ($130) for everyday use. This bag is constructed out of 100% recycled ripstop nylon, features a 13″ laptop pocket, has EDC pockets throughout, and it packs down to fit into its own pocket. If you plan on staying active in 2021 you’ll want a backpack like this to withstand anything you throw at it.

Let us take a look at all of this year’s best everyday carry gear one more time. You can shop the full collection and/or pick and choose any of your favorites by following the product links underneath the image below!

unique everyday carry essentials

[1] Seiko Prospex “Arnie” Watch [$525]

[2] Lems Shoes ‘Trailhead’ Sneaker [$130]

[3] Rhythm Studio Blanket Chore Coat [$120]

[4] Flint and Tinder 365 Corduroy Pants [$98]

[5] The Pike Pocket Knife in Rosewood Brass [$120]

[6] Seager Fishin’ Club Snapback [$30]

[7] Tactica M.020 Camping Tool Card [$35]

[8] OrbitKey Cactus Leather Key Organizer [$40]

[9] Secrid ‘Cardprotector’ Slim Wallet [$34]

[10] Sandqvist Erland Lightweight 12L Ziptop Backpack [$130]

I hand-pick a collection of 10 Everyday Carry Essentials each day for you gentlemen and try to keep it as fresh as possible around here. Each day’s roundup of the best everyday carry gear for men includes a combination of apparel, accessories, and gear that are meant to have an immediate impact on your daily life. You can pick and choose your favorites from the collection or shop the complete set, whatever’s best for you. And if you happen to have any accessories or apparel that you believe deserves to be featured here you can always hit me up on Twitter at @casspa or email at cass@brobible.com.


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