11 Unique Father’s Day Gifts For The Dad That’s Not A Regular Boring Dad

unique fathers day gifts

You’ll encounter many typical garden variety Father’s Day gift guides and those are just dandy. But what if your dad is just a big kid trapped in an adult body? The type of father who elevates dad jokes into an art form and still plays “pull my finger?” What kind of unique Father’s Day gifts do you get for a dad who has a maturity level that is less than his own children? Don’t fret because we have 11 unique products that are perfect your zany old man. We’ve got wacky gifts, nerdy gifts, and bizarre gifts that will impress your pops, something you’ve never managed to do.

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Show dad that you’re much more than a happy little accident by giving him this Bob Ross mug that “paints” happy little trees when you fill it with hot liquids.


Why not memorialize the moment you informed your dad that you had flunked out of college than with this bust of this iconic facepalm gesture in this glorious Captain Jean-Luc Picard bust.

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Let dad reminisce over the days when he said he was a roadie for the Rolling Stones back in the ’70s with this mini fridge that looks just like a Marshall amp and even has authentic parts.

personalized face luggage

Your dad’s memory might not be as sharp as it once was, so get him this personalized luggage that you can plaster his face all over it. He’ll never pick up the wrong suitcase at the baggage claim ever again.

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Get revenge on your dad for years of cheating at Monopoly with this cheaters edition of the popular board game. Make your cheating father proud by seeing how many cheats you can pull off without getting caught.

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The dadbod may not be as popular as it once was, but your beloved father can bring it back with this beer belly fanny pack.

thor hammer took kit

Your dad can harness the power of Thor’s majestic hammer Mjölnir to fix something around the house that you broke because it is a tool kit. This 44-piece tool set comes in a case that looks exactly like Thor’s hammer.

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Transform your father’s dadmobile into a Millennium Falcon and make the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs with this Star Wars accordion sunshade for cars.

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These flip flops will leave your dad’s mark in the sand at the beach by leaving footprints that say “Follow Me” and “Bring Beer.”

Dad’s love bacon. Why not give dad the gift of bacon that keeps on giving. Have meaty, delectable bacon delivered right to your dad. No hitting traffic on the way to the grocery store, just bacon at your dad’s doorstep every month. Tender Belly’s Bacon of the Month Club will send delicious, nitrate-free bacon to your pops. And not just any boring old bacon, unique flavors that will elevate your breakfast, sandwiches, or just glorious bacon by itself. Tender Belly’s cherrywood-smoked bacon comes in awesome flavors such as their signature maple rub or go with the habanero mix that brings some heat. The bacon is slow-cured for 12 days to absorb the exceptional flavor of the dry-rub. Tender Belly only uses heritage pigs that are naturally grown, which means no antibiotics, no hormones, no gestation, no farrowing crates, and fed a 100% vegetarian diet. You can go with the Bacon of the Month Club HERE or go with a four-pack below.

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This classic dad joke t-shirt will make you hate yourself for laughing at something so stupid, but as long as dad is happy that is all that matters.

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