Rumors, News, Release Dates On Microsoft’s Project Scorpio And Sony’s PS5

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Sony and Microsoft can’t be too thrilled that Nintendo has jumped in to steal the console limelight with the Switch. The two gaming behemoths will have to focus on their two upcoming consoles: Xbox’s Project Scorpio and the PlayStation 5.

Project Scorpio, which is said to be future-proof and handle 4K Ultra HD TVs, is expected to be unveiled at E3 2017. Microsoft is holding its briefing on Sunday, June 11 at 5 PM ET. Then Microsoft’s next-generation console is expected to go on sale before the 2017 holiday season.

Here’s the Project Scorpio dev kit video.

From Game Rant:

The impressive Project Scorpio dev kit comes with 24GB of DDR5 RAM, which is double the 12GB available in the retail version of Project Scorpio. Additionally, the dev kit comes with an extra 1TB SSD, and 44 CUs (compute units), as opposed to the 40 CUs on the final Project Scorpio.

Many are saying that Scorpio could be Microsoft’s version of PS4 Pro, an upgraded Xbox One rather than a totally new console.

All Xbox One games will work on Scorpio, and all Scorpio games will run on Xbox One. There are rumors that Forza Motorsport 7 will run on Scorpio as the first demo. There is also speculation that Halo 6 or Gears of War 5 could be one of the early Scorpio titles.

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