This Guy Created A Poster Of 900 Slang Terms For Vagina, So Naturally I Had To Ask Him ‘Why?’

Vagina Slang Poster

Every great room has a focal point. A piece that immediately demands attention the moment a person steps foot in the space. It can be anything — an architectural feature, a texture, a certain color or pattern or even light fixture.

Graphic designer Amarpal Dhillon wants to make pussy the focal point of millions of living rooms, dining rooms or bedrooms around the world.

“I’m also socially awkward,” Dhillon explained over email, “and I wanted to see if I could use my skills in graphic design to help my social life.”

His first poster attempt was a massive print celebrating the many different names for marijuana. He put his creation on Kickstarter but it failed to reach its goal. Then Dhillon happened upon Jonathan Green’s timelines for slang and thats when the lightbulb went off.”

Dhillon wanted to mix elegant design with vulgar language. But why vagina?

“Because everyone loves pussy,” he stated matter of factly.

Dhillon logged roughly 300 hours of work on the print, chipping away at it whenever binge watching TV shows.

Working mainly in the Archer font family, Dhillon wanted to maintain a basic continuity throughout the piece. The Archer font provided seventeen font variations that make up the meat and potatoes of the poster. Around eighteen additional fonts are sprinkled throughout to give it some spice and personality.

Vagina Poster 2

Dhillon completed his prototype and hung it in his apartment.

“Literally everyone who looked at it did a double take and immediately started to laugh. It’s like magic. When people see it, their mood improves, they light up and let their defenses down.”

The print is even popular with female guests to Dhillon’s pad.

“I’ve shown it to several women, and funny enough, I showed it to my current girlfriend on our second date. So far, they’ve all found it hilarious.”

If you’re interested in hanging this history of vagina slang in your house, back Dhillon’s Kickstarter now.

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