Think Outside Of Leather With This Walnut Wood Card Wallet That’s Both Classy AF And Durable

It’s time for you bros to think outside of leather, chains, and velcro. Actually, I hope none of you are still walking around with chain or velcro wallets, unless they serve a very specific function, because as fashion accessories those are total dog shit.

These days wallets should only be: leather, fabric, carbon fiber/metal, or wood. Furthermore, you should typically be carrying around a card wallet except during times when you know that you’ll be needing cash (which is rare). For the times when you don’t need cash you should ONLY be carrying around your driver’s license, debit card, credit card(s), and your insurance card in case you get a little too turnt. Don’t fret if you’re late to the game on ‘card wallets’ or ‘wood wallets’, I’ve got one today that’ll satisfy both of those needs in one fell swoop:

The Walnut Card Wallet From Slim Timber: $29.95

Slim Timber is the product of a very handy couple in the great state of Idaho. Their wallets are handcrafted from genuine wood, causing the grain to vary beautifully on each unique piece. This wallet not only delivers a classic style, but backs it up with a dependable structure for holding your essentials.

— Handcrafted out of walnut, leather & an elastic strap
— Fits perfectly in a front or back pocket
— Holds the cards in place w/ an elastic strap
— Allows easy card removal w/ thumb grooves
— Fits up to 8 credit or I.D. cards & even more business cards


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