This Minimalist Wallet Is Made From Walnut Wood And It’s A Limited Edition Beauty

wooden wallets

It’s rare to say a wallet if “one of a kind”, but in this case, it’s the absolute truth.

Handmade using one piece of walnut and vegetable tanned leather, this wooden wallet from Haydanhuya is stamped with a unique number on the backside because only a limited number of wallets will be made.

This wooden wallet is ideal for carrying multiple business and credit cards. The sturdy wooden design means you can carry it in your back or front pocket without worrying about your cards getting crumpled and the elastic band keeps them all snug in place.

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Haydanhuya has been crafting wooden wallets, backpacks, and purses since 2011 and his craftsmanship is second to none. Own one of his handsome wallets before it’s too late.


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