Yes, Paying $99/Month To Get Luxury Timepieces From Watch Gang Is 100% Worth It

Brought to you in partnership with Watch Gang…

Having a luxury watch is important, because, let’s face it, being the guy who walks into any room and instantly gets attention can be hard to do. But who really has thousands of dollars laying around right now to spend on something like a Rolex or Omega? Chances are high that the answer’s easy: Not a lot of us.

But imagine a place where you can score some of the best watches for men with all the bells and whistles. That world exists, friends, and it’s called Watch Gang — which has the hook up when it comes to incredible timepieces.

In fact, the subscription watch service is so badass that even celebs like Jamie Foxx swears by it. So now you can say you’re part of a club that the Academy Award winner is in. That’s called swag.


To keep it simple, Watch Gang‘s a club for watch lovers, and strives to give those who appreciate the best watches available the inside track on a variety of brands and styles. From brands like Boldr, Heritor, Martenero and Nixon, among others, signing up for a Watch Gang membership is well worth it. Plus, it’s only $99/month, meaning full access to some of the most desired watches on the planet each and every month.

So what actually comes with a $99/month Watch Gang membership? A helluva lot, and it’s easy AF to sign yourselves up to take advantage of the service. Just take a look below at how easy it truly is to get first-class timepieces without any hassle.

  1. Show Watch Gang What You Want. Gold? Leather? Choose a few watches you like to help Watch Gang find a timepiece you’ll fall in love with.
  2. Watch Gang Sends You Your Watch. Watch Gang ships a brand new watch retailing at up to 5x your subscription fee. Guaranteed.
  3. Expand Your Taste And Get Some Perks. Access exclusive deals, trades and sales in their 30,000+ member-only watch exchange.
  4. Automatically Be Entered Into Watch Gang’s Weekly Giveaways. Every week, you’ll be automatically entered for the chance to win a Rolex, TAG Heuer, and Seiko. Watch Gang hosts a giveaway almost every day for subscribers!

Since Watch Gang ships members a brand new watch every month — or every quarter, it’s your choice — you’ll always have the best watches for men to choose from each and everyday. Each shipment is fully insured and guaranteed, and members can keep all the watches they get. So, yeah, starting a watch collection of your own isn’t as hard (or expensive) as you thought, huh?

OUT OF ORDER CASANOVA | $423 – 4.2x Membership


With members saving up to 70 percent off retail prices for top watches, a Watch Gang membership seems like an absolute no-brainer. Add in the fact that there are no contracts or other hidden terms each month, and you’ll be living large on a small budget. All you have to do is select your preferred monthly membership (depending on your tastes and budget), then choose the styles and brands you want most. Simple.


SEIKO SSA389 AUTOMATIC | $415 – 4.1x Membership

Whether you’re looking to stockpile and grow your watch collection, or just start building luxury options to choose from each day, Watch Gang has you covered. And with access to hundreds of the best watches for men at your fingertips — all for just $99/month — you’ll never have to be envious of the dude getting all the attention because of his watch. Now you can be that guy.


DEEP BLUE DAY NIGHT DIVER | $399 3.9x Membership


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