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Where To Watch ‘Lord Of War’ FREE Online

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I don’t care what anyone says: I love Nicolas Cage and almost all of his movies. Con Air, Face/Off, The Rock…when you actually put together his entire body of work, it’s pretty impressive. I even watched The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent recently and it was excellent. One of his better movies that often gets overlooked is Lord of War, which you can watch FREE on Plex this month.


The film follows Yuri Orlov (Cage), a Ukrainian-American who gets involved in arms dealing during the Cold War. He is joined in his pursuits by his brother Vitaly (Jared Leto), who becomes addicted to cocaine and becomes a liability to the whole operation. In addition to navigating Soviet generals and African dictators, the two brothers must also avoid arrest by Interpol Agent Valentine (Ethan Hawke).

There’s a certain level of eccentric insanity that you can expect in a Nic Cage movie. Despite the number of guns and drugs, I’d consider this one of his more tame roles. After all, he’s not getting his face surgically switched with John Travolta or getting tortured with bees. But, insanity is relative when it comes to the artist formerly known as Nicolas Coppola (that’s right, THE Coppola family. Look it up.)

Where To Watch Lord of War FREE Online

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