Keep Your Booze Chilled With These ‘Whiskey Bullets’ — Stainless Steel Bullets That Won’t Water Your Drink Down

I gotta admit that this is a new one on me. I’ve been seeing the whiskey stones around for years, I even own a set myself that I occasionally use, but I’ve never seen ‘whiskey bullets’ until now. They’re stainless steel bullets that will keep your whiskey chilled but won’t water it down, so it’s perfect for you bros who like your hooch a little chilled but don’t want to cut it with ice or water.

Here’s the skinny on this unique and badass product:

Whiskey Bullets & Cylinder Set

Upgrade your drinking game, and don’t water down a perfectly good drink in the process. These stainless steel bullets will cool your drink to perfection without changing its flavor one bit. Simply take them out of the freezer, enjoy your beverage responsibly, then return to the freezer to await tomorrow’s libations. Cheers to that.

— Includes an anodized, black aluminum cylinder for storage
— Chills any type of liquor or wine
— Made of flavorless stainless steal
— Easily rechills in freezer after use