Bring The Distillery To Your Home With This Whiskey Tasting Flight Set

Aged and Ore Whiskey Set

Whiskey aficionados, home bar enthusiasts, come check out this whiskey tasting flight set from Aged and Ore.

If you want to experience those distillery vibes while in the comfort of your own home, this set will make it feel like you’re far out in the country inside the tasting room of a well-known whiskey maker.

Aged and Ore Whiskey Set

In this set, you get four carefully balanced tasting glasses with nosing ability and a slightly flared lip. The widest point of the glass indicates a 1/2 oz pour for easy measuring, and each glass is also laser-etched with a letter that corresponds with the silicone bottle tag for blind tasting setups.

Aged and Ore Whiskey Set

You also get a matte black serving track to transport and hold the flight together.

What’s unique is once you’re done using the flight set, you can lock the silicone bottle tags into the indentation of the glasses so they will lock into the serving tray. Thus, you can place the tray anywhere in your home for easy storage—including hanging it up on a wall.

Aged and Ore Whiskey Set

You can snag this set over on Huckberry right now for a little over half of a C-note.

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