Why The New Nokia 3310 Is The Ultimate Kevin Gates ‘2 Phones’ Phone

Yesterday at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Nokia made an announcement that they’re bringing back every millennial’s very first cell phone — the Nokia 3310 a.k.a. the legendary Nokia Brick Phone. As Paul noted yesterday, the legendary phone will have “a battery will last for a ridiculous 31 days on standby time or up to 22 hours of talk time” and a revamped version of the iconic mobile game Snake. Also: a 240×320 color screen and a 2-megapixel camera, perfect for not being able to *totally* identify who is in your pics. Also: One thumb T9 texting is back! I feel bad for the youth who grew up texting with both thumbs instead of just one.


All this is great for those of us nostalgic about phones that were great for phone calls and had long battery life. In the iPhone era, however, what’s the point in shelling out $50 for a device that’s doesn’t integrate seamlessly with your social networks?

I talked about this extensively this afternoon on Cheddar TV.  I actually have a theory about *what* the new, revamped Nokia 3310 is perfect for — In the immortal words of rapper Kevin Gates, it’s a ‘2 Phones’ phone. Or “One for my plug and one for the load.”

No normal cell service customer needs two iPhones unless you’re *that* committed to living double lives. But the Nokia 3310 actually fills a nice inexpensive void for consumers looking for a back-up to their expensive, $950 primary iPhone *just in case*. Let’s say you’re the type of person who wonders off from your squad at a music festival, where phone batteries die quick. Or you want the peace of mind of a last-resort device to call for safety in the wilderness for hiking/backpacking/fishing trips.

See my point? It’s a two phones, phone. You might not ever use it in your everyday life except as a cellphone Gameboy for snake the first couple weeks after you buy it. But when you need to use the 3310, you’ll be be in a situation where you need a phone like the Nokia 3310 just in case.

It’s always good to have a back-up. Just ask this guy:


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