GEAR REVIEW: Wicked Endo Wireless Headphones

Endo Wicked Headphones Review

I was born with small ear holes. This is something a person doesn’t find out until purchasing headphones, and these tiny entryways make it impossible to wear earbuds. I’ve tried every pair. None stay in place.

For this reason, I’m forced to wear only over-the-ear headphones. It’s not the worst life. It just becomes an issue when working out, especially running, because balance a clunky set of headphones while maintaining a good pace isn’t the easiest of endeavors.

The latest pair of headphones to be put through the ringer is the Endo wireless headphones from Wicked Audio. They look stylish, the price point is on target and felt light enough to wear during a run and at the gym. So that’s precisely where I wore my pair.

Here’s a quick rundown of my experience with the Endo wireless headphones.


The Endo wireless headphones feature mic and track control right on the headphone with a decent range for detaching from your audio source. The headphones are compatible with Android and iOs smartphone and other devices.

The battery life is about 8 hours, but the set comes with rechargeable batteries and a charging cable. The headphones also fold flat to take up less space in your gym bag, work bag or crammed inside a console in your car.


The Endo wireless headphones are compact in size, so the set doesn’t look, or feel, like a massive set of headphones is balancing on your head. There’s cushioning, lots of cushioning, thanks to thick padding at the top of the headset and around the ears. The Endo wireless headphones stay comfortable for longer.

The wireless Bluetooth option made running and working out more comfortable. There was no cord slapping around during runs and no accidental chokings from the cord getting caught on random gym equipment. My headphone cord once latched onto a rack of barbells, and the mishaps almost cost me a couple toes.

That’s me. Those are the headphones.


The Endo wireless headphones from Wicked Audio are a serviceable pair of listening devices. The cushions around the ears could be slightly bigger, and the option of different colors wouldn’t be a bad idea somewhere down the line.


Isn’t that really the most important factor in headphones? There’s a misconception that the more expensive the headphones, the better the sound. I’ve found that to be total bullshit. I had a pair of $100 headphones – not naming names – that made every song sound like it was recorded inside a dented tin can.

These Endo wireless deliver quality sound, even when bouncing around on top of my head during a long distance run. They sounded even better in the gym, helping to drown out those two guys who just talk about working out for an hour without lifting a weight and the awful soft pop oozing out of the house speakers.


The affordable price, comfort factor, and all the features, make these Endo wireless headphones from Wicked Audio worth a purchase.

BUY IT NOW: $39.99

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