15 Stylish Jackets That Will Help Make The Icy Chill Of Winter A Lot More Bearable

Want Do Winter Coats

Winter is upon us, dear friends, and that means that you’re going to need a quality winter jacket. Unless you’re in a paradise like Hawaii or, uh, Phoenix, you’ll need at least something to deal with the elements, whether it’s a parka that will keep you from dying on Everest or just a quality windbreaker to keep you from being soaked by miserable cold rain in the Pacific Northwest. That’s why we’ve listed what we think are the 15 best winter jackets for men on the market right now.

Whatever your needs, though, you want to make sure you still look good. Nobody wants to be out there in a jacket that makes him look like he’s 12-years-old and his mom just hooked him up with whatever was on sale at Walmart. So, with that in mind, go right on ahead and buy one of these stylish jackets that make winter bearable.

Kenneth Cole New York Men’s Wool-Blend Coat With Bib


You can’t go wrong with a classic style like this, especially for under $100. You might want something a little different if you’re going to be out in minus-20 degree weather, but this will serve you well as an every day jacket.

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WantDo Men’s Fleece Button Hoodie Sweatshirts


This is the jacket for someone who doesn’t really like wearing jackets. That’s because it’s basically an upgraded hoodie. It’s got the warmth of a fleece and the comfort of a hoodie while maintaining a certain classic style thanks to being a button-up. Beware, though, when buying, that sizes tend to run small.

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Nautica Men’s Melton Double-Breasted Peacoat


It’s a nice, dressyish jacket that’s warm and affordable. What more could you want?

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Columbia Men’s Watertight II Front-Zip Hooded Rain Jacket


This is the jacket for the bro who just wants to stay dry while it’s spitting rain for the eighteenth straight day. It’s a basic windbreaker/rain coat that won’t keep out all the cold, but it will keep out all the rain and wind that make you cold. Stay dry while everyone else huddles in misery.

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Match Mens Wool Classic Peacoat


Simple, classic, warm… and ultra-affordable too. This is for anyone who wants to look good without going bankrupt in the process.

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WenVen Men’s Fashion Cotton Jackets


This military style jacket is a good choice if you’re looking for something a little more scenester. It comes with some Air Force style patches, but you can remove those if you want and add your own if that’s your thing. And, as always, make sure you get the right size, as WenVen tends to use Asian sizing charts, which means they run very small.

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NITAGUT Men’s Hooded Faux-Fur Lined Warm Coats


It’s a nice warm coat, with a fur (faux) hood for that little extra oomph when it’s not just cold but pissing-icicles cold. And the best part is that when you buy it through Amazon, you get a great price.

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Kenneth Cole REACTION Men’s Faux-Leather Moto Jacket


The leather jacket is always a classic look, especially the Moto style, and let’s face it, nobody can really tell if it’s real leather or not. And considering price, you’re basically stealing the damn thing.

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Columbia Men’s Crested Butte Omni-Heat Jacket


Puffer jackets are a good look right now, and you’re not going to do better than this one. It’s lightweight yet warm, with a lining designed to keep all your heat inside. This will do the job whether you just want a light jacket for cool weather or something to wear while playing in the snow.

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Legendary Whitetails The Outdoorsman Buffalo Jacket


It’s a flannel shirt doubling as a warm jacket, which is how your ancestors rolled while they were massacring buffalo and giving gifts of blankets to the native peoples. All tasteless jokes aside, what could be more stylish than looking like a hardass adult man instead of a pansy city boy? That’s a style that never gets old.

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Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Wool Melton Unfilled Top Coat

A classic, clean look that shows you mean business. This is a grown man coat.

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Valuker Men’s Down Coat With Fur-Hood With 90% Down Parka Puffer Jacket


Now this is the jacket for the bro who has to stay warm in epically shitty conditions. It’s both a parka and a puffer jacket, with a fur hood to keep your ears from turning black with frostbite. You don’t just want this jacket, bro, you need this jacket.

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Kenneth Cole REACTION Men’s Classic Barn Coat


Stylish, warm… and come on, it says “classic” right in the name. This is the perfect coat for anyone looking for the quintessential everyday jacket.

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Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Barnes Single Breasted Walker Coat


This is the coat for the businessman on the go. It’s classy, elegant and will keep you warm, and best of all, it’s designed to fit over a suit jacket or a nice sweater. This is what adults wear.

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Original Montgomery Mens Wooden Toggles Duffle Coat


“Hand made in England.”

“Made from the finest Italian cloth from Tuscany.”

Look, with quotes like that, you know you’re getting into something a little better than whatever’s on the rack at the local mega-mart. The very first review on Amazon says it all: “The best duffle coat available.” The second review says “THE Duffle Coat.” The third simply says “Beautiful coat” and on and on and on like that it goes. Sure, it’s a little pricey, but sometimes you can’t put a price on looking this damn good.

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