8 Awesome Pairs Of Wood Sunglasses For Under $100

Cloudfield Wooden Sunglasses



Wood sunglasses are a sound and smart purchase for many reasons.

First, unlike the cheap plastic sunglasses that usually cost a fortune, wood sunglasses are much more durable and last forever. Second, wood sunglasses are an investment in the environment. Most of the best wooden sunglass manufacturers are committed to planting trees after every purchase.

And finally, wooden sunglasses just look good. But you’ve got to buy the right pair.

Here are 8 wooden sunglass options under $100 that will last until you’re dumped into another piece of wood — a pine box.

1. Tree Tribe Wood Sunglasses

Each pair of Tree Tribe Sunglasses is created from thin layers of sandalwood and rosewood, compressed together. Tree Tribe use high quality certified polarized lenses and stainless steel flex hinges that can hyper-extend for a universal fit.

Tree Tribe is a lifestyle brand that represents the Earth. Their mission is to contribute to global positive impact projects, while making cool natural styles, and for every pair of sunglasses sold, they plant 10 trees.

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2. Shades of Bamboo

Handmade from bamboo, these earth-friendly shades from Shade of Bamboo are equipped with polarized lenses to keep out the glare and classic wayfarer frames that never go out of style.

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3. Maple/Cherry Wood Sunglasses from 4est Shades

These handmade are constructed of 100% natural Maple wood so every pair is unique. The polarized lenses provide crystal clear vision and anti-glare with UV400 protection. They even float. Yes, Really. These all maple wood beauties will NOT be lost to the bottom of the water now or ever.

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4. RawWood Owen Polarized Wood Sunglasses

Handmade with fine woods, this is RawWood’s finest collection to date. Ranging from Pear to Maple wood, these glasses are sure-fire head turners. All polarized. All wood. Always.

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5. Rockaway Butterfly Polarized Zebrawood

These polarized sunglasses are perfect for the hot open summer sun, and with the butterfly shape and rockaway style, they’ll never go out of style. Each pair is fitted with polarized lenses and are CR39 scratch-resistant.

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6. Earth Wood Clearwater Wood Sunglasses

These natural wood sunglasses are recyclable, biodegradable and non-toxic and pretty damn awesome looking. The lenses offer 100 UVAUVB protection.

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7. Woodzee Trinity Polarized Wood Sunglasses

Woodzee is setting a new standard for style with the Trinity Sunglasses. The classic frame shape is taken to the next level with gorgeous handcrafted wood construction for a look that will turn heads everywhere you go. The lenses are polarized and offer 100% UV protection coating.

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8. Half Frame Rim Clubmaster Vintage

Keep yourself looking great even in the summer heat with the Treehut Wooden Bamboo Glasses! Protect your eyes from the harsh sunlight with these stylish shades made from real bamboo. The classic, semi-rimless look features a strong-brow line that will not go unnoticed. It complements all different face shapes. Whether your face is oval, heart, round or square shaped, Treehut Bamboo Clubmaster Sunglasses will suit you.

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