Microsoft Officially Unveiled The Sleeker, More Powerful Xbox One S And The Price Is A Shocker

xbox one s

YouTube - Xbox

Turns out that those leaked photos of the new Xbox One S were right on the money so Microsoft wasted little time today in unveiling the sleeker, more powerful Xbox One S today at E3.

As you can see, the new console is much slimmer (40% smaller than Xbox One), but the key ingredients are what is inside.

xbox one s 2

YouTube - Xbox

It has support for both 4K streaming videos as well as Blu-ray and has the option of a much-needed 2TB hard drive.

The console can be placed both vertically as well as horizontally if you need to use less shelf space and it also contains a built-in power supply.

It also comes with yet another slightly different controller (which looks fantastic by the way) than we’ve seen in the past.

xbox one s controller

YouTube - Xbox

And while all this is very cool, and it is, what makes it even sweeter is the fact that it’s being released at a price of just $299 for the 500GB version and $399 for 2TB. Not bad.

Check out all the goodies in this newly released video below…

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