This Handheld Flamethrower Is All I Need To Start Serving Up Fiery Vigilante Justice In NYC

The XM42 handheld flamethrower is the only thing I need to jumpstart my career as a superhero. Though it’s probably best to keep this handheld flamethrower away from me because just watching the video has me tempted to shoot flames and everything in sight.

But back to me being a superhero, could you imagine what life would be like if the makers of this handheld flamethrower over at XM42 were so kind as to send a flamethrower to the BroBible offices? We could cook bacon AND fight crime all in a day’s work. We would become unstoppable forces of flamethrowing. Just imagine the possibilities:

MARSHMALLOWS. We could cook marshmallows and bacon, AND fight evil here in NYC.

If you want to own one yourself well you’re in luck (unless you live in California). Here’s what Mashable had to say about the launching of the product:

The XM42 from Ion Productions is every pyromaniac’s dream come true: a personal, portable flamethrower that’s (amazingly still) legal everywhere except California. You’ll be able to get your own flame on for as little as $700 when the company launches its IndieGoGo campaign on March 23rd.

It spews a column of 87 Octane flame up to 25 feet and, according to the product website, is suitable for everything from clearing snow and ice to insect control. The XM42 will be available in three finishes: brushed aluminum for $699 and either a polished aluminum or colored powder coat for $799.

For more on the XM42 handheld flamethrower you can head on over to their website, check out Mashable’s writeup, or click on over to The Huffington Post!