You Can Scoop Pairs Of Yeezy Boosts For $100 From A Maybe Legit Sneaker Site



There are some things that are just too good to be true—especially on the Internet. But one sneaker site is apparently giving away a bunch of rare adidas Yeezy Boosts for cheap as all hell starting this afternoon, so you might want to take a peek to see if your gut trusts them or not.

The site’s called, which is littered with a bunch of different models of the hard to find adidas kicks that everyone wants a pair of and can cost as much as $1,200.

With the news that fresh Yeezy Boosts may be dropping soon, per Complex, this might be your chance to at least entertain the idea. Plus, for $100, who the fuck cares if these things turn up being nothing more than a bunch of fake leather and rubber glued together by some bro in his mom’s basement.

If you’re anything like me, you probably spend more than a hundo out at the bar on a Friday night, so, if you’re a giant sneaker head, why not take the chance and see if these things are legit or not?