This 10 Sexiest Actresses Under The Age Of 30 List Is VERY SEXY, Highly Debatable

sexiest actresses under the age of 30


The fine folks over at Playboy polled 26,000 people to determine the 10 sexiest actresses under the age of 30. And while I appreciate their effort, I really do, all 10 are definitely sexy ladies, I think they may have left out a few names and/or had them in the wrong order. No Lohan?!! (Yes, this happens every time a list like this is created. Still fun to debate though.) They also used the term “actress” very loosely as you will see.

Anyway, I’ll list the actresses they chose below the video in case you can’t watch it for some reason, but do yourself a favor and check it out later if for no other reason than to see Nina Dobrev in a bikini. That and they also share where each actress ranks on various other lists that will make you say, “What?” at least once.–IX9T_SjgxakxWNgBgd&pbid=e6f6cffcec2c45149c3f3d1bfff24c53

The full list…
10. Vanessa Hudgens
9. Nina Dobrev
8. Victoria Justice
7. Blake Lively
6. Ashley Greene
5. Hayden Panettiere
4. Kate Upton
3. Jennifer Lawrence
2. Emma Stone
1. Emma Watson

Thoughts? Margot Robbie, anyone?