Hot 22-Year-Old Colombian Model Faces Death Penalty In China For Reportedly Smuggling Drugs Inside Her Laptop

by 4 years ago


22-year-old Juliana Lopez is an international woman of mystery. International because she’s from Colombia and currently facing the death penalty in China, mysterious because it took me a whopping 20 minutes to find her goddamn Instagram page. It shouldn’t have been that hard. Right off the bat I sort of hate Juliana for mildly inconveniencing me, but then again I hate everyone to various degrees and extents so that’s not really saying that much. According to Daily Mail Juliana had travelled to China in order to purchase items for the small boutique she runs, however her family lost contact after she’d flown into the city of Guangzhou:

Worried about her whereabouts, her family contacted the Colombian embassy saying that she had vanished. She had apparently flown into the airport in the city of Guangzhou, in the southeast Chinese province of Canton, after which they lost contact with her.

Chinese officials confirmed to the family she had been arrested for drug smuggling. It was not specified what kind of narcotics were inside her laptop but police say they found a large quantity of a banned substance…

Carrying drugs in China is not only banned, but can carry the death penalty and relatives and friends are now desperately trying to collect money to get top lawyers and a team sent over to defend Lopez. They also want family and friends to travel over to support her.

The investigation could reportedly last between six months and two years, but don’t worry – China executes the most people out of any country in the world annually. Why shouldn’t you worry? Because you’re not Juliana which means you’re (hopefully) not facing the death penalty, duh. Juliana should worry though. She sounds fucked. Which is totally a bummer and I don’t particularly enjoy ending on sad notes, so let’s go through the cream o’ the crop of her Instagram photos to make ourselves feel better about her certain and impending doom ☺

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