What’s Cooler Than A Laser Light Show? A Laser Light Show With Stripper Dancers!

Laser light shows are a great American pastime. Drugs are not needed in order to truly enjoy a laser light show, but the two often go hand in hand because people love looking at lasers while on drugs. Likewise, music isn’t 100% necessary for a successful laser light show but it will obviously enhance the experience. Last but not least, showing off some skin (aka ‘including strippers‘) in addition to music and lasers will always make the situation better, especially if it’s 5th Element cosplay, because the more skin the better…right? That’s why this clip is perfect, and it’s already picked up over 1M views in under 24hrs on Streamable:

I know that it has been almost 20 YEARS since The 5th Element hit theaters (seriously, let that sink in, it came out in 1997) but we really don’t see enough Leeloo Dallas cosplay these days. It’s one of the sexiest outfits in SciFi history, and one that should really get more action from the cosplayers of the world. Hopefully with 2016 San Diego Comic-Com this year we’ll see a renaissance of this outfit, as well as the incorporation of more lasers.

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