Jeff Hornacek’s Absolute DIME Of A Daughter Abby Has Better Handles Than Probably Half The Knicks

Abby Hornacek, daughter of Knicks coach Jeff Hornacek and arguably the world’s hottest celebrity daughter, showed off some tremendous handles on Instagram on Monday night. And she did it while wearing some serious heels!

Tell me that wasn’t freaking impressive, especially considering her footwear. This girl is Grade A marriage material, bros. (Hit me up, Abby. Just sayin’.)

Abby, who recently graduated from USC where she was a Kappa and played varsity sand volleyball (seriously), has been working a regular gig for 120 Sports this year. She’s also doing some freelance work for ESPN and FOX Sports when the opportunity presents itself.

This is most definitely a woman who is going places. Just don’t forget who was singing your praises when you eventually blow up and become a big star, Abby!

Here are a few more reasons why she has superstardom (and marriage material) written all over her…