Alana Blanchard’s Perfect Butt Went Surfing In Mexico And It Looks Even Better In HD

For several years now, Alana Blanchard has been the most high-profile name in professional women’s surfing not because she’s a badass surfer (which she is), but she’s risen to fame primarily because she’s a total dime piece who looks like some sort of water nymph in a bikini (I’ve also included some Instagram pics below). After the recent Los Cabos Open of Surf earlier this month down in Mexico where Alana didn’t make it past the 5th round she and her equally stunning friend, Leila Hurst, went further South on down to Salina Cruz for some non-competitive surfing sessions. The resulting footage from Alana Blanchard’s Salina Cruz fishing trip has been going viral and for good reason, because the quality of surfing is matched by the stunning beauties riding the boards.

I could seriously watch footage like this all day:

Now for the best pics from her Instagram in weeks:


For more pics and videos of ALANA BLANCHARD just follow that link!

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