Alexandra Daddario Laughed In The Face Of The Wardrobe Malfunction Gods At The 2017 BBMAs

The other day we told you how Alexandra Daddario thought she might find the love of her life on Tinder.

What on earth made her think such a ridiculous thing I have no idea.

As it turned out, she ended up dating Justin Verlander’s minor league baseball-playing brother Ben, once again proving that life is simply not fair whatsoever.

Another thing that’s not fair, is just how awesome Daddario looked at Sunday night’s Billboard Music Awards. I know that I said Kate Beckinsale looked like every bro’s dream date at the event, but that was before I saw Daddario pushing the limits of a wardrobe malfunction in her outfit.

Peep this video and some pics and and let’s just call it a tie, okay?

Thumbs up right back atcha, Alexandra.