Ali Larter Looks As Hot Now In A Bikini At Age 40 As She Did When We First Laid Eyes On Her

The last time we checked on one of our major crushes of the past Ali Larter she was celebrating 100,000 Instagram followers by being naked. (More on that in a bit.)

It’s now been about five months since that momentous occasion and since she just turned 40 in February I thought what better time to check in on her again than now? Turns out that was a smart idea I had because Ali has recently been spending some time in a bikini.

Knowing how much something like can affect the number of Instagram followers one has, something she obviously appreciates, she shared not only a photo, but also a video! She totally gets how social media works in 2016.

Though she hasn’t done much in the way of acting lately, at least not in anything most of us have seen, Larter will be appearing as Claire Redfield one more time in Resident Evil: The Final Chapter which comes out in 2017. I fully expect more bikini pics to surface sometime around that movie’s scheduled release date. Call it a hunch.

Oh yeah, that naked pic I mentioned… here it is in case you missed it the first time along with some other bikini pics she’s shared.

And no mention of Ali Larter is really EVER complete without this video is it?

I didn’t think so.