Alison Brie Talked About The Difference Between ‘Sexy Butt’ And ‘Comedy Butt’ With Seth Rogen, Will Arnett, And James Corden

by 9 months ago

Butts are a solid topic for late night television. Alison Brie — star of the new critically-acclaimed Netflix series GLOW about women’s wrestling in the ’80s — has lots of opinions about butts, because Alison Brie is awesome. On James Corden with fellow funny people Seth Rogen and Will Arnett, Brie elaborated on how she and her husband Dave Franco — one of Seth Rogen’s BFFs — talked about showing off their butts on screen.

It’s the great sexy butt vs. comedy butt roundtable of 2017! See, guys, they’re not the same thing! No shame in the butt game.


We obviously have worked for a very long time, and we’ve watched each other do love scenes before, so we’ve had those conversations prior to shooting The Little Hours — I remember when I was shooting Sleeping With Other People and it was my sort of first sex scenes and I was gonna show my butt, and he was kind of like, I don’t know, these scenes are so racy, should you show your butt? I was like, you just showed your butt in a sex scene in Neighbors, and he was like, that’s comedy butt!

Never, ever change Alison Brie.

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