Ever Wonder What Former Miss Kentucky USA Allie Leggett Looks Like Topless? Wonder No More!

allie leggett 1

Instagram/Allie Leggett

And even if you haven’t, you’re clearly wondering now…and for good reason, I can assure you that.

Maybe you’ve never even heard of the former Miss Kentucky USA, Allie Leggett. Neither had I until a few days ago when I came across these photographs by accident, on purposely. Let me tell you, she is a certified dime, bros. Possibly the hottest hot girl to ever be hot.

allie leggett 5

Exactly, you see what I’m saying. It’s not even an argument.

And lucky for you, Miss Leggett is all for, shall we say, “going topless in the name of art.”

*High fives all around*

She recently teamed up with noted photographer Jonathan Leder (same bro lucky enough to also work with Emily Ratajkowski from time to time) for a series of more than revealing photographs, and all I can say is WOW WOW WOW. These are the kind of shots that make you want to get into the art collecting biz. In total, Leder published 42 glorious shots of the ravishing blonde babe who was crowned Miss Kentucky USA 2013, and for that, we are be eternally thankful.

Here’s a few SFW photographs from Allie Leggett’s shoot…

allie leggett 3

Jonathan Leder

allie leggett 6

Jonathan Leder

allie legget 7

Jonathan Leder

And of course, you can find some of the others from Allie Leggett’s revealing, topless photoshoot RIGHT HERE on Leder’s Instagram. Some of the other ones are very NSFW, and for that, I trust you all know how to work the Google.

You’re welcome, bros. You’re welcome.

Oh yeah, I don’t know why you’re even still reading, but you can follow Allie on Instagram right here, too.

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