Jason Dufner’s Sexy Ex Amanda Seems To Be Doing Just Fine Hanging Out In A Bikini With Her Dog

We’re really going to miss seeing Amanda at PGA Tour events.

One of the saddest days in sports this year was when we learned that PGA Pro Jason Dufner and his smoking hot wife Amanda Dufner were getting a divorce.

Sure, we were sad because divorce always sucks and we felt bad for them as people. But we also felt bad for us, because as a result of their separating Amanda shut down her MUST-SEE Instagram account.

Long gone were the memories of Amanda playing golf in her bikini.

Gone was the time Amanda raised our blood pressure by hitting the gun range.

Also lost were the chances to get see the two of them hiking together in places like a rainforest.

But today…today we find out that not only did Amanda Dufner get to keep their bulldog Louie she’s now moved her bikini pictures over to HIS Instagram account. (Yes, Louie has his own account and even before today it was pretty good.)

Looks like things are going to be just fine after all, both for Amanda, as well as for us.