Here’s A Video Of Amber Rose’s Butt Devouring Some Guy’s Crotch AKA Trying To Extend Her 15 Minutes Of Fame


Hello there everybody! How’s your Friday been so far? Done with your classes yet? Getting ready to dip out of work and go to happy hour? That all sounds very nice and dandy, but I’m sorry to say that I’m here to ruin your day with a bunch of Instagram videos of Amber Rose twerking. Yes yes, I know, “ew,” but honestly I’m not doing this for you or even for myself; I’m doing it for this poor guy who unfortunately lost his entire genital region in an ass-ident involving Amber Rose.

See for yourself:


RIP man in red, you will be sorely missed. However, that means that Amber Rose’s ass is still on the loose and could be munching down on a dick right this very minute! This is a public safety issue. We can’t just have wild butts roaming around mauling crotches now, can we? I don’t think so. Not everyone has seen Amber’s butt up-close and personal though, so here’s some more Instagrams so that you can better protect yourself in case you see it in public:


Oops, that’s just her vag. My bad…but then again maybe you should become familiar with her lady cave too, since it looks like a chasm where one might go spelunking and if Hollywood movies have taught me anything, spelunking = death.

Approximately 27 children and 50 adults died in the tsunami caused by that butt. If you have knowledge pertaining to the whereabouts of Amber’s bum, please call 1-800-696-9696 and report any and all relevant information.

This has been a public safety announcement brought to you by

[Images via Instagram]