Amber Rose Trying To Pull The ‘Whoops, I Didn’t Know My Pants Were See Through And My Ass Was Out’ On Instagram

If we were playing cards right now I’d ‘call bullsh*t’ on Amber Rose immediately. She’s trying to play this off like ‘whoops! I didn’t realize my bulbous derriere was on display for the entire world to see’ and I don’t believe her for a damn second. Listen, I say more power to her for flaunting what God gave her but when she tries to act like this was an accident I think that’s garbage. Amber Rose knew full well when she got out of bed yesterday morning and stuffed her enormous booty into those tiny leggings that they’d be translucent in the sun and the whole wide world could see what she was wearing underneath. She’s not playing anyone with those lies, it’s not like this is the first time she’s worn leggings in public and shown it all off:

Since we’re already here and all I can’t let you bros leave without at least checking in on what else Amber Rose has been wearing (or lack thereof) on Instagram lately. Here she is wearing an ungodly amount of makeup (as well as a wig) for Dancing With The Stars:

And now for more pics:

I can’t really say that she’s my type. The shaved head/dyed hair doesn’t do it for me, but I can recognize that she’s a gorgeous woman who any man would be lucky as fuck to spend time with, and all the power to her for continuing to share that body on Instagram.

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