Chris Pratt Wins Again As Anna Faris Was Looking Crazy Hot At The People’s Choice Awards

Anna Faris Peoples Choice

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Seriously, bro, do you have to have everything? We get it Chris Pratt. You’re cool, popular, funny, a seemingly super nice and down-to-earth guy and we already knew you were married to a sexy lady in Anna Faris, but did she have to go to the 2015 People’s Choice Awards to host wearing this outfit just rub it in our faces showing us even more how awesome your life is?

If reincarnation is real when I die I’d like to come back as Chris Pratt circa 2014. (I know that’s not how it works. Don’t care. That’s what I want.)

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Of course Pratt himself was unable to attend the show last night because, as you can see below, he was too busy making 11 movies in the next week and plowing through all the scripts he’s received.