Anna Paquin Had An A+ Response To Seeing Herself Topless In The Background Of A BBC Newscast

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anna paquin response topless bbc newscast

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On Wednesday we shared a story about how a BBC news segment was interrupted by a staffer watching what we thought was an adult film in the background of the telecast. Naturally, video of the snafu went viral on the internet and people got a great laugh at the BBC’s expense.

Little did we know that (a) it was not actually an adult film that the staffer was watching and (b) one of those people who got a great laugh out of it was actress Anna Paquin.

Why did Anna Paquin get such a big kick out of it? Because the naked woman on the screen in the background of the news segment was actually HER in a scene from True Blood.

Check out her surprisingly hilarious reactions to being seen topless in front of millions during the news…

In a spectacularly funny error in judgement by some employee as far as #NSFW viewing at #BBC my tits from #trueblood photobombed the 10pm news! I literally can’t laugh hard enough.


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