Sexy Fitness Model Shows That It’s All About The Angles When It Comes To How A Body Looks

Fitness model and blogger Anna Victoria got the Internet into a bit of a tizzy the other day when she posted back-to-back photos of herself on her wedding day.

Normally, Victoria, who has as of this writing almost a million followers on Instagram, posts photos like these with various words of fitspiration…

Good stuff to be sure.

However, as I mentioned, the other day as she was prepping to get married she shared the photo you see below and the reaction to it was dozens of rave reviews and over 62,000 likes.

You girls requested for me to share this after posting on snap last week. Picture on the left was taken one day before the wedding and the picture on the right was taken… 2 minutes after! Someone recently said to me that we all have our good angles and we all have our bad angles, so why do we let our bad angles carry so much more weight than our good angles? If you focus on how bad you look in the bad angles, at least focus on how good you look in the good ones too!! Tag a friend if you found this helpful #fbggirls #loveyourself

Just goes to show you that even someone who is in as tremendous shape as Anna Victoria is, depending on the angle (and good posture), not everything always appears as it seems when it comes to how we look.

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