Ariana Grande Allegedly Wants A Boob Job (Thumbs Up Emoji)

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Pop tartlet and part-time cat cosplayer Ariana Grande reportedly wants bigger boobs.

And who are we to tell a woman what to do with her body?

Personally, we would fully support this endeavor, if that’s what she wants.

Except that… it seems the young starlet might be doing it for the wrong reason.

If Life & Style is to be believed, the augmentation would be to make her boyfriend, Big Sean happy.

Life & Style has exclusively learned the 21-year-old singer is contemplating taking her 32A breasts to a B or C-cup.

The reason is Ariana’s boyfriend of three months, rapper Big Sean. “She wants to please Big Sean,” says the source.

Apparently, Big Sean has a history of convincing women he is dating to take their tits up a notch. From Hollywood Life:

[OK Magazine notes] that Naya Rivera completely transformed herself — with an alleged boob job — when she was dating Big Sean. “And that did not end well,” the source said.

That’s right. Shortly after Naya debuted her alleged new chest, the couple called it quits after a six month engagement.

For what it’s worth, Grande’s people are denying the rumor.

Don’t fret, Arianators! A rep for Ariana told EXCLUSIVELY, the “reports are SO fake!”

Furthermore, a source close to the singer tells us, “She’s so happy with her body as is!”

Well, the exclamation point really clears things up.

Whatever you do, Ariana, we will keep loving you. It’s your body. Just think the decision through. That’s all we ask.

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