Ariana Grande Hopes All Her Fans ‘Fucking Die’

Ariana Grande is not a sane human being. This is well-documented. Today’s news about the pop singer, however, raising the batshit levels up a notch. According to the New York Daily News, Grande mumbled that all her fans should “fucking die” in an elevator after signing autographs at a radio show.

“She did autographs and pics and was all smiles until she got into the elevator [of a Manhattan radio station earlier this summer],” a stunned industry insider tells us. “And as soon as the doors shut she said, ‘I hope they all f*cking die.’”

Ah, yes. Nothing a like a batshit crazy diva popstar who’s ungrateful to the very fans that provide her Brink trucks worth of cash and lap up her music like the pop ear-piss that it is.

And in case you’re questioning her general batshit-ness, I ask you to take a couple of seconds to browse through her Instagram page. Also, buried in the NYDN article is this item of Ariana Grande batshit craziness:

The Boca Raton-born mini-diva’s attitude was called into question in Australia last week when the pop tart left a meet-and-greet because she reportedly didn’t like the way she was being photographed. Before the shoot, her camp is said to have told photographers, “Don’t use natural light” and “Do shoot only from the left side of her face.”

If Ariana Grande is photographed only using natural light, does she melt? Conclusion: Ariana Grande is living, breathing vampire. I have never been more terrified of a pop star in my life.

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