Ariana Grande Wore Just A Bra For A Top To The VMAs After-Party Because Really, Who Needs A Shirt?

In case you missed it, Sunday night during the 2016 MTV VMAs Ariana Grande performed her song “Side To Side” with Nicki Minaj.

It was a fine song and their performance was pretty good I suppose. However, really all anyone could talk about afterwards was the fact that it ended with two male dancers simulating oral sex on them.

Wacky, huh? Anyway, back to my original point here. Ariana Grande decided that after her performance and the show was over that she’d hit up an after-party as one does. What she DIDN’T do when she attended that after-party was put on a shirt. I like it.

I guess it makes sense that Ariana Grande decided to not wear a shirt to the MTV VMAs after-party. After all, as you’ve seen, that’s how she was dressed DURING the show so might as well just keep the theme rolling, right?

Heck, maybe she’s just done wearing shirts altogether now. If so, I for one applaud her decision.

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