Ariana Grande Wore Just A Bra For A Top To The VMAs After-Party Because Really, Who Needs A Shirt?

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ariana grande shirtless vmas after party 8

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In case you missed it, Sunday night during the 2016 MTV VMAs Ariana Grande performed her song “Side To Side” with Nicki Minaj.

It was a fine song and their performance was pretty good I suppose. However, really all anyone could talk about afterwards was the fact that it ended with two male dancers simulating oral sex on them.

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Wacky, huh? Anyway, back to my original point here. Ariana Grande decided that after her performance and the show was over that she’d hit up an after-party as one does. What she DIDN’T do when she attended that after-party was put on a shirt. I like it.

ariana grande shirtless vmas after party

Ariana Grande, Snapchat

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