Ariel Winter Once Again Showed Why She’s One Of Our All Time Favorite Actresses

Ariel Winter of Modern Family was back at it again, this time rocking a high-cut skirt and wearing just a bra for a top, as one does.

For some reason, the 19-year-old was in Beijing at a cigar bar because that’s what 19-year-olds do when they visit China? I truly have no idea.

Man, remember when Sofia Vergara and Sarah Hyland were the most high-profile women from that show? Now they’re getting out-shined by a 19-year-old. It’ll be very interesting to see where all three of those ladies’ career paths take them when Modern Family finally comes to an end.

Oh yeah, sorry… the photo…

And because it’s been almost an entire MONTH since we last checked in on Ariel Winter, here’s what else she’s been up to lately…

Good times.