Ariel Winter Is Catching Hell From Idiots Whining That Her Shorts Showed Off A Hint Of Butt

You know why I like Modern Family star Ariel Winter? There are actually several reasons. (1) She’s a pretty good actress, (2) she’s pretty darn good-looking, and (3) she doesn’t seem to give a flying fuck what anyone thinks of her.

Case in point…

So when she decided to go out on the town this weekend she decided to wear these shorts…

Naturally, this got people all riled up and not for same reasons as you and me.

For some reason, people thought that her wearing those shorts was… wrong?

Comments like these soon followed…

“Why must you dress so trashy?”

“Seems like she’s so desperate for attention and becoming a sex symbol.”


“What a disgusting dirty whore.”

Yeah… the woman who posted this photo a week ago really gives a shit what you think, right?

Instead of bitching, how about if these people (A) stop following her on Instagram, and (B) do what I do and celebrate the occasion!

Here’s how I celebrate Ariel wearing those shorts…

You keep doing you, Ariel.

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