Ariel Winter Wants You To Know That She Ain’t No One’s Sugar Momma, Not Even To Her Boyfriend

ariel winter bikini photo shoot

Ariel Winter, Instagram

Ariel Winter is very, very rich thanks to the almost decade-long success of Modern Family. At 19, she never has to work again for the rest of her life, unless she fancies herself buying yachts and horses and sports teams and all the other things things rich people buy with their money.

There’s an ugly tabloid claim, however, that Winter gives her boyfriend an allowance, sugar momma-style. Today she took to her social accounts to clear the air, telling Star Magazine to “get your shit straight.”

That’s right, take no shit, Ariel! Meanwhile, I feel like her boo-thing is probably getting a very Dave Chappelle “Get Oprah Pregnant” sketch vibe….

Anyway, here’s a few pics from Ariel Winter’s weekend, including some fresh ink from Hollywood’s biggest tattoo artist, Dr. Woo. What a life.

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