Sexy Plus-Size Model Ashley Graham Dancing In Her Bra And Panties Is A Must-See Experience

Remember when model Ashley Graham took the Internet by storm back back in early 2015 and became the first plus-size model to appear in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue?

Well, apparently Ashley Graham wasn’t done there and the folks over at Love magazine didn’t forget her as they tabbed her for the Day 27 edition of their annual advent calendar.

Wait, don’t advent calendars usually end on Christmas Day? I’m not wrong on this am I? Is this like a New Year’s Day advent calendar? Has to be. So basically we get an extra six days of women doing sexy things in lingerie because of this? Score. Bonus time for us!

Oh yeah, Xenia Deli, Romee Strijd and Hannah Ferguson also did their sexy advent calendar thing too the past couple of days. Thought you might enjoy those videos as well. Happy new year.