Hot Australian Hurdler Michelle Jenneke Just Took A Sexy AF First Pic In Rio

Michelle Jenneke is in Rio, Bros! The countdown is on until she breaks our hearts again with another hurdling dance. As much as you know she wants to kick ass, you just know her little pre-race shimmy is going to win the hearts and minds of the entire world (again).

UPDATE, Tuesday 12:43 PM ET: She didn’t do so hot in her first Olympic hurdling appearance. In fact, she didn’t even qualify. She still did her trademark jiggle, though! So… See you in Tokyo, Michelle? via Fox Sports Australia:

While her time of 13.26 seconds and sixth place wasn’t enough to earn her a place in the semi-finals, it did attract a “good effort” tweet from injured incumbent Sally Pearson.

“Just being out there was such an amazing experience,” Jenneke said. “It’s my first Olympics and the crowd out there was incredible. It was pretty cool because I had a Brazilian in the race with me and they were going crazy for her and that was great to be part of.

“My actual race was probably one of the worst races I’ve ever done. I’m pretty disappointed that a few things went wrong. Unfortunately I’ve been struggling with a little bit of nerve pain down my right side the past two weeks.

Yessss. Let’s gooo!!!!!