Justin Bieber’s Ex Beautiful Barbara Palvin Gets Put On The Nice List For These Lovely Topless Pics

I’m sure you’re familiar with stunning Barbara Palvin, the actress and former Victoria’s Secret model who hails from Budapest, Hungary.

She was rightfully named the 2016 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit “Rookie of the Year.”

The gorgeous model dated Justin Bieber for a hot minute.

Fuck you Biebs.

Well, the dazzling Miss Palvin has been getting a bit risque on her Instagram with some tantalizing topless pics.

I still don’t get the reason for legwarmers? Why aren’t they called “calfwarmers” and when is there a circumstance when only the bottom half of your leg is chilly, but the top half is toasty warm?

The lovely Barbara also posted this shot, and if you mess with the saturation and brightness of the photo, you just might be able to make out the outline of her nipple.

P.S. Fuck you Bieber.