Bikini-Clad Ariel Winter And Her Sister Had A Spa Day And I Just Sent My Resume To The Spa

Gorgeous Ariel Winter and her sister Shanelle Workman-Gray are having a sisters weekend.

We all know that Ariel is a knockout, but her 38-year-old sister ain’t too shabby herself.

And she appears to share two similar traits to her little sis.

Workman is a former actress and does voicework as “Wendy” in Wendy’s commercials.

The two sisters went to a spa to relax.

The alluring Ariel rocked a bikini during her visit to the spa and it got me thinking that I should really work at a spa.

Shanelle is quite sexy, but her sister is 20 years younger. And youth will always win, especially when that youth is the sensational 18-year-old Ariel Winter.