Meet The Smoking Hot 22-Year-Old Brazilian Model Who Denied Cristiano Ronaldo For The Most Cliché Reason Ever

by 4 years ago


According to Express, Cristiano Ronaldo was recently creepin’ all over 22-year-old Brazilian model Aline Lima, messaging her on WhatsApp to take “sexy gym selfies” and for her and a friend to go meet up with him since he was in the area (Australia). Creepy yes, but considering he’s a soccer superstar I’m sure most chicks would be down to let him smash and dip. Aline, however, isn’t most chicks, since instead of being flattered by his invitation she denied him with the most cliché reason possible:

“I have a boyfriend.”

Good for you, Aline. Monogamy gets a bum rap that it doesn’t deserve these days. Not to be denied, however, Ronaldo reportedly responded with “No one knows, baby. Quiet.” Ewwwwwwwwwwwww.

Aline continued to reject the former Manchester United star’s advances, and a stunned Cristiano responded: “Seriously?”

Cristiano offered her tickets to watch him play against Manchester City in the recent International Champions Cup at the Melbourne Cricket Ground, but Aline wondered if he boyfriend could meet him while he was Down Under.

The athlete made it clear that he was not interested in meeting his fan, but wanted to see Aline alone.

He wrote: “Yes, beautiful. But it is difficult. I do not want to know man. I want to meet you.”(via)

Yo take a hint dude, chick don’t care how famously fancy you are – she loyal. And hot. Wanna see how hot the girl who turned down Ronaldo is? Here you go:



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