Blistering Bre Tiesi Is An Amazing Model Who Looks A Little Like Megan Fox (22 PICS)

Bre Tiesi is a scintillating model who demands your attention, and is definitely someone who you should be following on Instagram. Bre is breathtakingly beautiful and she looks a little like a young Megan Fox.

The lovely Bre is also the greatest photographer that I’ve ever seen.

And sometimes she forgets to wear a top and I’m okay with that.

I loathe that backpack.

Bre is not a dirty girl.

Directors chairs are terribly uncomfortable.

I bet that Chanel pillow costs a pretty penny.

She keeps herself in tip-top shape with a rigorous workout regiment.

Black & White photos are artsy.

I should have gone to the pool today.

I’m just a sucker for any woman who grabs her heels.