You Won’t Believe How Much Bree Olson Is Trying To Charge Us To Discuss Charlie Sheen’s HIV Status


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About two months ago, Bree Olson started following me on Twitter after I wrote a post talking about how hot her Instagram account was. I know. Weird. Whatever.

We started DMing and I asked if I could do a profile of her. I said our readers were big fans (TRUE!) and that something like that would be a great read. She agreed and I pitched her a few angles for it. The one I really wanted got shot down.

Me: I know you did some interviews about this a while back, but I think enough time has passed, and the “true story” (for lack of a better phrase) of what happened at Charlie Sheen’s house would be a piece people would go bananas over. (I completely understand if that’s not a subject you want to broach, just the journalist in me has to ask.)

She said the story was boring, that it was all blown out of proportion. She said the same thing in interviews prior, that Sheen was sober and never took drugs.

This was before the HIV story broke, and my first thought was “Good, god how much did Charlie Sheen pay her to not talk about that.” It turns out I was right (not necessarily about Bree), but given the fact that it’s been revealed Sheen paid millions to keep people silent about his life, I can infer she probably received something too.

We decided on another angle, and I sent a bunch of questions around her dating life, and never heard back. I realized why when Sheen’s HIV news.

Shit, I thought, that would have been perfect timing. Alas.

Until I got this email from a publicist today.


My email

It reads:


I hope you are well.

We are now accepting interviews and exclusives with Bree Olsen to discuss Charlie Sheen recently announcing he is HIV positive. Olsen is enraged and says Sheen never disclosed he was HIV positive in their year long relationship.

If you would like to set up an interview with Bree Olsen, either email or call me at XXX-XXX-XXXX. Olsen requires interview compensation.

I had to ask what the compensation would be. My god was I blown away.

She is available any time today. She leave NYC on Saturday. She is requesting 10K for in person interview. 7k for phone interview

NO. Really.


My email

I’ll be honest, I have no idea if this is right or wrong. On the one hand, get yours. On the other hand, it’s cashing in on someone having an deadly STI.

What I do know is we can’t afford those figures. Sorry, Bros.

But I do know there is an old expression. Why buy the cow…


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