Get To Know Briana Lane, The Gorgeous Host Of UPROXX’s Daily News Show ‘theDESK’

by 4 years ago
Briana Lane


So have you caught UPROXX’s daily news show theDESK yet? If not you’re missing out on one of the most entertaining Web shows on the Internet. Not to mention that fact that one of the hosts, Briana Lane, is pretty easy on the eyes as you shall see.

Briana Lane VD

Valorie Darling

Tell us a little about yourself, Briana. Where did you grow up and what was your life like there?

I grew up in west Los Angeles in a small suburban pocket and it was surprisingly very normal. Lemonade stands, walks to soccer practice, the whole deal. We rarely left that 6-mile radius and it wasn’t until I got to college that I realized the rest of Los Angeles existed.

What did you do before coming to work for Uproxx?

Before working here, I had just finished playing a vixen on NBC’s Grimm who turns into a worm and kills people. Pretty much identical to my work on “theDESK.”

What’s the most fun part of doing “theDESK?”

I love reading the scripts before we start shooting. We have the best writers with incredible backgrounds (from Conan to The Onion…) that Tom and I are always eager to see what they’ve written. Also, we don’t know what we’re reporting until we walk to set so we get two surprises in one day!

What’s Tom Storey (her co-host) like?

If Leslie Nielsen was your fairy godfather.

Briana Lane


Did you always want to be in front of a camera?

Sort of. In 4th grade, I wanted to be a marine biologist because I was obsessed with killer whales but I soon realized that I was actually afraid of said killer whales so there was that. I then turned into the kid that made very “creative” home made Nirvana music videos. If you ever come over, that will be the first thing my mom shows you and you will then “have to leave” because “you have a thing.”

Are you single, married, dating someone?

I just got engaged! It’s super fun except I’m still getting used to wearing a ring. I keep leaving it places because I’m afraid of ruining it… I’ll leave it in the shower or by the sink (insert an image of my fiancé with his head sunk into his hands), but other than that, it’s such an exciting time!

What kind of tunes are on your iPod?

Huge fan of TV on the Radio’s newest record, Spoon’s latest and pretty much always have Arcade Fire on repeat. Also, the occasional Ja Rule never hurt because IT’S MURDA! Someone should probably stop me from talking now.

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Valorie Darling

Who are your favorite sports teams? Do you have a favorite player or players?

That’s a tough one! It’s a tie between the Bears and the Pats. Players-wise, I love Aaron Rodgers. He’s an incredible player, but also has great sportsmanship and never lets any fumbles throw him. Also, Forte is an unstoppable force on the Bears and I don’t know what they would do without him!

What do you like to do for fun when you aren’t behind “theDESK?”

As much as I would like to say I’m the person that kayaks, runs marathons and rock climbs on weekends, that would be a pile of lies. When I’m not working, I honestly just love seeing my favorite bands play, comedy shows and walking my dog.

Where can fans find you on social media?

I’m on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

And finally, give everyone out there one great reason why they should watch theDESK as often as possible?

Two words: Tom Storey.

Briana Lane


Briana Lane


Sounds awesome to me! Check out Monday’s episode of the desk below and be sure to subscribe over at UPROXX’s YouTube channel.